Ahad, 5 Januari 2014

Please, don't judge people

As a kid, I always hate being shorter than any of my average friends. Its like being short really affect my influence to others. I really hate it. Although, that was what I used to be. In time, I do grew up (a bit), but still small compared to my other friend. But that was not really bugging my head anymore for once I already learnt something. In life, God created us different and vary compared to each other. Thus, everybody actually unique and no such other human being possessed same trait or the way they looked like (for some might not be so obvious, maybe the different are too small for us to notice) and only we met people that resemble others in some way. The purpose is so that we could know each other despite of different religion, race, skin colour, height, shape and much more.

Not just different in terms of physique and appearences, also with our act and behaviour. Nobody is perfect, I bet any of you ever heard of that phrases. One could be depict as good person and one could be judge as bad only through what eyes can see and it could be differ to some others. However, even the good ones still could make mistake and the bad one could make such deed. When it comes to time of decision-making, nobody could get it right all the time. There must be at some point, we do mistakes. Scientifically, there are many factors could be intact. People says that "don't judge, or you will be judged". I guess it right but not really agree to that. I would say, "Lets don't judge at all, despite of we ourself being judged by others at the same time..". The one who really have right to judge is only God. The matters of what other human see in us doesn't matter as long as we know and have faith in God for He is the only one that deserved to judge His own creation.

We can't simply saying that one would enter Heaven while other would goes directly to Hell based on our own opinion. If it was based on our belief and religion, thats another story. I wouldn't waste my time for that topic would be very sensitive. No matter how bad ones life is, we would never know how it would ends and so as to the person that we claimed to be good. We wouldn't know if that person manage to stay in the right path to the end of their life. There are story about how an alim (person that always do good things most of their life) sent to Hell just because of certain things and action that he take just before he died. And there also story how a slut (sorry for the foul language, thats the only word that I know best on this situation) manage to enter Heaven, just because of small thing that she done in her life. You can google for that though for I wouldn't tell it here. The matters of those stories true or not are not important (because we can easily debate it for eternity forgetting that what was the whole story meant to tell us), the point is, we couldn't just judge people by their action that we see through our own eyes. Or better, lets stop judging okay. I'm not recommend any of you to be slut, just do good things to others for that would be in good grave of help to gain our access to paradise.

Sorry for being too emotional and writing the whole entry in english. Don't mind the grammer or how bad my english was (not really good in english anyway) but as long as you readers get the point. This was not pointed to anybody, it just came by to my thought randomly (in english, yeah) and I felt the urge to wrote bout this. Sorry for my jumping point and lack of elaboration. My essay never been really really good anyway.

Also, if any of you readers find this entry worth to be read, please spread this entry. Share or at least hit like on your Facebook. Or you could just tweet about this. Again, sorry for everything. This is only my twenty cent worth of thought and only based on my own opinion. If you think I was wrong, feel free to put down some comment below (but mind your language and right okay).

Till then, goodbye~
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