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Maulidur Rasul

Hi dear readers~

A very good morning to all of us (although its raining here), but still I wish and hope for this morning to be good as yesterday and the day before that, or if it wasn't good, hope for it to be better. Also, I hope you (yes, you the one who read this entry) be good on this morning and hopefully for the whole day, insya Allah. Today, 14th January 2014 (12th Robi'ul awwal 1435H) marks the birth of our prophet Muhammad S.A.W and therefore many of us celebrate today for what we known as "Maulidur Rasul". On this day, normally there would be parade (on which we muslim will go selawah along the way since the beginning till the end which also the starting point of the parade). There will be talks, forum or any activities that regarding our beloved Prophet, Muhammad S.A.W "birth day".

Why would it be so significant?

14++ years ago, on this very same date, 12th Robi'ul Awwal, (only different day and year) on the year of elephant (due to raid of an army riding elephant, led by Abrahah to attack and destroy Kaaba), has born a child for which before his own existence on earth, his name has been mentioned several times throughout several timeline of prophecy. Muhammad S.A.W his name has been given and onto him, marking that he is the last line of the prophet, the one that would end the Prophet's timeline (which started with Adam, peace be upon him). What makes this person special that his birth day would be significant to be remembered / celebrated not only because of "the chosen one" persona in him, but of what he had done and brought throughout this world along with him. He could be described vary. He is the Prophet, the messenger, revolutionist, leader, father, husband, saviour, the King and as the person who is responsible of spreading the word of Allah, spreading Islam itself which has changed the whole notion of the entire world's perspective. And because of him, we can proudly call ourselves, muslim. Of that reason, we do celebrate / remember his birth day (according to Hijri calendar) which is today.

There are many articles and books has been published regarding of the life of this Prophet, for those of you who would find those interest, could do some research for that. There are even some perspective and view from non-muslim who idolize our beloved Prophet, Muhammad S.A.W also been booked. This shows that the style and method of our Prophet not only affect us as his followers but also people that doesn't believe in the teaching of our prophet, but still touched by him. What of us muslim then? shouldn't we are the one who responsible to idolize him at the first place? well, have a thought on that.

Alright dear readers,

Maybe its the best for me to stop now. Didn't really plan for such a long entry anyway. Sorry for this entry written or type in english (didn't plan for this too. Hahah.) and thanks for read my such entry till this very last word. So long then, bye~

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  1. Salam maulidurrasul. Ewah

    1. Salam Maulidurrasul Jewan!! (baru nak reply komen ko, tak perasan lah derr). :)


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