Isnin, 27 Mac 2017

Pelik dan misterius

I've watched Dr. Strange. Yeayy!! this was like 3 weeks ago. Yes it is somewhat strange since it was premiered weeks before that. Ya, itu aku tahu. Siapa peduli? as long as aku dah tengok, lantaklah bila, kan?

No, no, no, no, no and a big NO!

I know, nobody cares but some portion of my heart (like most of it, biggest portion of it, major portions of it) do care and watching movies that already weeks past is somewhat making me felt like crap. I don't know why but that is what I felt. Kenapa tiba-tiba suddenly I wrote this entry in english (corrections; it's manglish)? this.. I really like not giving a big damn care about it. I don't care if it is manglish or if you have to standby some kamus dwi-bahasa just to read my 35¢, crap and cheap entries. I am sorry but I do... not give much amount of damn about it. Sorry too, for every foul language were written inside this entri sebab you know lah, macam I bagitau tadi I tak peduli much.

Strangely, I would love to give more and much damn about the fact that my hometown does not own any cinema provider (Sorry, aku tahu nak gelar / panggil dieorang macam mana so this is how I'm gonna address them till the end of this entry). Yes, tak ada penyedia wayang gambar also known as panggung wayang juga dikenali sebagai Cinema's Centre or what so ever crap lah as long as you among all people could understand this. Why?? that is the most questioned question prior to this incident. Hence, the most appropriate answer to the question "why wouldn't I watch Dr. Strange while it is still premiered.." (incase of any engkau orang yang rather want to ask me soalan cepu emas sebegini). I am pissed off (while this is written, and still haven't finished yet) because of this. This result in such post-armageddon condition (atleast for me, as I love to watch movies) especially when there are tonnes of movies that tonnes of us would rather gives enough crap about it compare to those whose life were nothing different with or without cinema because them people are not exactly kaki wayang like tonnes of us. It is so and the very sickening to us that some of us could just be admitted into hospital (hospitalized, that is what I'm trying to convince your left nipple) after watching some teaser trailer that went viral and actively through Facebook and sometime Twitter, and few time on Insta (in which I haven't experienced since I have no Insta anymore but who cares and why would I care to tell the world about this). The effects went explicit and more dangerous after knowing that the movie will be premier like in less than 25 minutes more. We, who can't watch the premier always go kacang (I mean "nuts") everytime this thing is happen. This is true, yes I lied. Perhaps not physically went nuts, much more like metaphorically went nuts and nuttier than those famous supermarket level of nuts.

The biggest, monstrous, and huge question is... what can we do about it? now, this would result in many people go viral spreading their viruses via chit chat and through social-medias which I rather not want to point out right here. As for me, I would love if there is an apps via smartphone that allow us to watch movie when it is premiered. I could not care much, but I will pay for it so that there won't be any more things in my way that prevent me dari menonton wayang (yeah, at this point aku baru sedar dari dwi bahasa aku switched ke mono bahasa. Silap aku (my bad). Aku tahu, this might berbunyi impossible but still better than im-pissed-off able macam selalu like everytime. Entahlah, this is only my opinion only. Dah lama aku simpan, hampir berkulat didalam cerebelum (also known as "kepala hotak") dan saja aku sajikan buat korang untuk tatapan satu dunia untuk dibaca.

Actually, entri nie saja nak test berapa bagus blogger app for smartphone but dumbfounded owner nie sebenarnya. Baru download, baru cuba. We'll see. Heheh. Till next millenia everybodyy~ ✌😉✌🤓👏😎

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